What is your background?

I was born in Brooklyn, New York (still holds a place in my heart), but I was raised in Barnwell, South Carolina (molded me into the southern belle I am today). I have over 10 years of digital experience. I hold a Master’s in Journalism Innovation from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, where I got my Bachelor’s from as well in Magazine Journalism. I am the owner of Greene Style Media, a multimedia and merchandising company that also offers social media marketing and business coaching services.

Where have you been?

Aruba. May 2017.

Aruba. May 2017.

Girl, read my site. Lol. Here is a photo from one of my top travel moments in Aruba. FYI: I love being near WATER and ART.

How can I be a guest on your Podcast #DearUniverse?

I usually seek out people I want to interview. I have to “like” the person, which I base off of the person’s social media presence if I did not meet them in person yet. If you think you have a great travel story to tell, please fill out this form.

how Can I get featured on xoShavon.com?

I usually reach out to people who inspire me to feature them on the site. If you feel you have a story that you want to share (especially if it’s travel related), please fill out this form. Besides travel, I love hearing and sharing stories about overcoming obstacles. Besides travel, mental health awareness, sexual assault awareness, self care are stories I enjoy.


I loved a story you featured on xoShavon.com. Can I share it on my website?

Havana, Cuba. February 2017.

Havana, Cuba. February 2017.

While I encourage you to share pictures and videos from my Instagram with proper citation every time (tagging in video/picture AND in caption), I do NOT allow sharing of my content from XoShavon.com without written permission. This includes pictures and videos as well as any articles. You are welcome to quote me with proper citation. Please email me at Xo.Shavon@gmail.com if you have any requests.

I want to travel more. Can you help me with that?

I share snippets on my Instagram page: @Xo.Shavon. On the site, I try to be as thorough as possible about places I have traveled. Right now, I do not offer any travel consulting. You can anonymously ask questions here on my Ask.FM page, and I may be able to answer them. I am also working on putting together some ebooks/travel guides. Stay tuned.

I want to partner with you. How can we connect?

Please email me with details at Xo.Shavon@gmail.com, and allow up to a week for a reply if it’s not time sensitive. Thank you.

I would love to advertise on your site. What are your rates?

Please email me at Xo.Shavon@gmail.com with “XoShavon.com Ad” in the subject line.