Meet Ndiogou Malick Lo: An Award-Winning Photographer from Senegal


Ndiogou Malick Lo

LMN Photography

Senegal is one of the many African countries on my #DearUniverse travel list. Photographer Ndiogou Malick Lo took some time to tell me about his home and the inspiration behind his work. NOTE: He recently changed his company’s name from Abdu Laahi Photography to LMN Photography.

Slave house, Goree Island, Senegal. LMN Photography

Slave house, Goree Island, Senegal. LMN Photography

How was is growing up in Dakar, Senegal?

I was born in Kaolack, a city in the center of Senegal, but joined Dakar when I was 3 years old. Since then I lived in Dakar with all my family where I grew up. I grew up like a normal boy with parents who were really caring of my education. And during my adolescent period, I loved to be with friends after school, playing all kind of games, but mostly football (soccer). I followed a normal cursus. I was a clever student. Thank God. I was involved early in art. I started by drawing, and in my little age...when I was even a young student. I have had the opportunity to participate in one of drawing contest organized by Amnesty International, and have been one of the winners of this contest.

Oh wonderful. It sounds like education was very important and that your love for art started young. What are some other favorite childhood memories?


Oh. Lots of good memories. I would say the most good will remain the (Amnesty International) contest I won.

How did you get into photography?

I started interested by photography in around 2011. I have always been loved with all kind of beauty: woman, nature, animals, culture, art. And through what I was seeing in photography, I discovered something new, something very amazing, a real beauty. I wanted to know more, and I went to internet and watched tutorials to learn the basics and the techniques of photography. And then in 2013 when I got my first Reflex, the adventure started from there.

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What are some of your favorites things to shoot?

I will say I love to shoot everything that is “shootable”, and mostly I focus on people. I love to capture the expressions of people, their regard to show instant and natural emotion. I love also to shoot the nature, the sunset and the sunrise, and some buildings.

What are some of your best moments as a photographer?

One my best moments is when for the first time one my pictures has been chosen by a bank director for décor in their office. It was really amazing for me, and I started to feel that my work is now being recognized. Another is when I inspired my young brother to enter into photography. And, I feel also good and proud when I hear people appreciating what I am doing.

What else do you do besides photography?

(Laughs) Besides all these “skills,” I just do photography by passion only. I am an electrical engineer in real life and currently working energy sector.

Do you travel for work? Where have you been to?

Currently, I am now based in Mali where I work and where also I try as always to capture the beautiful place and people I see every day. In Senegal, I have been in many towns just for taking pictures of people there and to see another culture.

What are your favorite places in Senegal?

There are lot of nice places in Senegal, but my favorite places remain Goree Island (because of its history during the slavery time) and also Saint Louis a town in north of Senegal because of the nice people and buildings we find there.

What are the must-sees in Senegal?

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For me, the must-sees in Senegal are “les îles du saloum” (Saloum Island), beautiful place where people are in deep contact with the nature. There is also Cap Skirring, in the south of Senegal, Goree Island, nice and historic place.

What are some misconceptions about your home you would like people you know?

Euhhhhhh … thinking but don’t see (laughs).

Well, good (laughs). Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?

I would like to share with people all around the world much peace and love in the heart and in mind!

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