Meet Maria Jose Muñoz : The Beauty Behind the Camera for MaJo Muñoz Photography


Maria Jose Muñoz

Owner of MaJo Muñoz Photography

I often refer to Maria Jose Muñoz as my favorite photographer. She is the beauty behind the camera for my 30th birthday shoot in Mexico, City, where she lives. I highly recommend Muñoz for your photoshoots. She made me feel very comfortable and special during my birthday trip. I will never forget that. Here is her story in her own words, including the best ways to experience Mexico City, Mexico.


I was born in Mexico City. Since I was born I lived here until I was 13, then we moved to Oaxaca, which is another state of Mexico because of my dad’s work. We lied there for 5 years and then we decided to come back to the city. I finished high school here and graduated with a teaching degree from Cambridge. Growing up I’m the city was and still is such an adventure for me. You always have a lot of things to do, and you never get bored. When I moved to Oaxaca, which even tho is still a smaller city, was limited in what we could do. So growing up there was more going to my friends hotels and spending time in their houses than just going to the mall or the movies. 


I am currently studying Communications at Universidad Panamamericana. I am in my 7th semester out of 8, and I definitely can't wait to finish although I am enjoying it every day. I wasn't sure about studying communications because I wanted to be a movie director. Since here in Mexico getting into those schools takes forever, I decided to start this career and see along the way how I liked it. Now, I definitely believe that it was the best choice I could have made because I discovered my passion for photography and that is a happiness that fills me completely. 


Since I was around 14, I loved taking pictures of everything and everyone. I thought, as any girl at that age, that I was the bomb and I was just too good to be true. Honestly, if I didn't believe in myself since the first moment I guess I wouldn't be where I am today. As I grew older, I got my professional equipment and with a lot of do-it-yourself and a lot of extra classes I learned, and still learning, not only more about my camera but also learning more about me and what I like. Right now, I can say that I love taking pictures of people rather than objects. I guess it’s because I can not talk to them and to people I can and I love talking (ha!). And as in my style, I am still discovering different things that I like doing in my pictures in the post editing. Right now, I am currently working at this pretty cool agency Shoot My Travel where I get to meet wonderful people form all over the world, and where I got to meet this beautiful lady Shavon that inspires me everyday with her posts and wonder of life.

(Aww, Thank you, mi amor!)


The best places to go here in Mexico for me are Polanco, Condesa, San Ángel and Coyoacán. They are all very different styles, we have Polanco that is more fancy and kind of posh and then we have San Ángel that is also fancy but with a more Mexican touch, to Coyoacán that is definitely a place where you can see Mexico´s culture in its fullest while eating delicious food. It all depends on the mood you're in. 




I love going out but to be honest now I like to go have dinner or coffee or eat with my friends instead of go clubbing lol. So if you're like me, an old lady now lol and enjoy a good meal and a good restaurant where you can still have fun but minos de super loud music then this is for you. One of my favorite places to go is la Rosa Negra, which is a restaurant in Polanco with delicious food and the best dj ever. I also love going to rooftops, one of my favorites is Balmori, its a little small and busy all the tine but its definitely worth your waiting. Also I love Condesa Df which is a hotel that has an amazing rooftop, pretty chill, good music, good food, perfect for any occasion.


Believe it or not I have never been tot the USA! I am dying to go up there and see Chicago, New York, LA, San Francisco and eat all the delicious food I see on Facebook and go to all the places the fashion bloggers I follow go to. I have been to Europe tho, I've been in Paris and I adore it. I didn't spend much time there so I definitely want to go up there again. Also I've been in London, the city and in a small town called Bournemouth. I went with the company EF and with some of my friends and I had the best time a 18 year-old could ask for. 


Pff... where do I start? I want to go to so so many places! But the first stop I want to make is in Turkey! I want to go to Capadoccia and stay at the hotel where you can see from your balcony all the hot air balloon take off. I want to see the architecture and know the culture. I want to go to Greece, to all their island, go to Ireland and know more about my fiance’s culture. I want to travel to Egypt to ride a camel and surf in the dunes. Go to Canada and take pictures on their beautiful lakes when it snows. I want to visit Russia so bad and know more about their way of living. 

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