I Got My Gumbo in New Orleans, Louisiana

Places Visited:  French Quarter, Bourbon Street,  Canal street

LENGTH OF TRIP: 6 days and 5 nights

HIGHLIGHTS: New Orleans has been on my wish list for years. So, when my sister next work assignment was there, I booked my tickets to invade her space the following week. The first night we were killing some time by the rooftop pool when we heard a band playing. We ran down to the street and a local high school band all the way down near Bourbon Street. That's what I love about New Orleans. You don't have to go looking #FortheCulture, it's right there in your face. That's a typical daily thing in New Orleans. We spent every night on Bourbon, took a steamboat ride and saw some of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, and rode the street train until the very last stop. It's a beautiful place that I plan to visit EVERY year.

TIPS:  Eat as much as you can. If you drink more than 2 grenades on Bourban street, you might not remember the night. Some good activities include visiting the Whitney plantation, the Steamboat Natchez ride, grab some sweets at Café Du Monde, and/or ride the NOLA City light bikes. Don't forget to get some gumbo!