Aruba, One Happy Island :)

Places Visited: the entire happy island during road trip enjoying the beautiful waters of Eagle beach, Palm beach and Baby beach...

LENGTH OF TRIP: 6 days and 5 nights

HIGHLIGHTS: Aruba is known as "one happy island." And, that it is. The water surrounding the island is beautiful. The island is well taken care of and the people seem genuinely happy. There is no homelessness. It never rains. It sprinkled for less than 2 minutes once during my visit. People seem to not have the road rage often seen in America. It's the perfect place to escape to even during hurricane season. Its selling point for potential timeshare holders is its unfuckwitable during the storm season unlike Hawaii and the Caribbeans.

TIPS: Aruba is expensive. It’s basically a luxury resort for Americans and other tourists. Tourism is their top industry. According to a local worker, mostly everything is imported and they are taught from grade school age how to service visitors. Don't bother with money exchange unless you just want to keep some money for keepsake. They will pay you back in American dollars instead of their currency (Florin) no matter if you’re buying from street markets or in the stores unless you eat at one of their fast food restaurants. They have every American food franchise from Kentucky Fried Chicken to McDonald's. I recommend that you eat the local food. It's very good. I also recommend that you rent a car and take a road trip from one end to the other end of the island. It only takes about 45 minutes. The island is only 12 miles wide. The lighthouse is on one end and Baby Beach (don't leave before visiting!) is on the other end. People usually go up to the lighthouse to watch the sunset. They offer many activities including the sunset cruise on Moomba beach, ATV tours and a party bus. Aruba is a beautiful place.