Halloween 2017: Paying Homage to Frida Kahlo


I "rediscovered" something about myself: I love Halloween. Halloween was a favorite as a child. The dressing up and going out into the community with the other kids just to say "trick or treat" and be rewarded with candy. My favorite memory includes almost losing all of my favorite lollipops and candy corn running from a madman dressed like the serial killer in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". My sisters, cousins and I couldn't wait to visit the last house of the night. The house seemed to be the only one on the block. There were no lights, but we could tell he had the best candy in a bowl conveniently left on his porch. We would tip toe up, and as soon as we got close he would come from behind the house with his chainsaw and we would take off. The adrenaline was worth losing some candy. Fun times.

I didn't have that type of fun this year. But, I did decide to play dress up by paying homage to one of my favorite women in history: Frida Kahlo. I have a weird obsession with this woman. The audacity she had to paint only portraits of herself during her time. Her features. Just beauty. She inspires me to embrace my features. For my 30th Birthday trip to Mexico City, I plan to see as much of her art as possible.