South Carolina, My Home Sweet Home


I haven't been home in over a year. And, by "over a year" I mean a year times two for which I am ashamed. In the words of my niece, "how you can travel all over the world but not come home?" *insert confused face emoji here*

My niece made me feel bad every year for not coming home. I usually Facetime my family snowed in my house in Syracuse, NY. (besides that year global warming gave us flip flop weather). She would always ask if I was coming home. This year, I said no even though already booked my tickets over three months prior. She told my sister it was the "saddest thing she every heard". I surprised her and my nephews on Christmas eve, and she couldn't stop hugging me randomly and telling me she was happy I was there.

Ending the year with a home visit was one of the best decisions I made all year. This year was particularly rough year because of a reason I will share later. We took family photos and just showed each other love by listening to music, dancing, eating together while enjoying teasing and annoying one another. My sister and I took the kids to see Coco. I highly recommend the movie. It has great lessons about family and death.

Lesson of the year: Family starts at home, and there is nothing like it.

NEXT UP: Mexico, City, Mexico