Healing in Bermuda

March was a month of some very LOW low's as well as some highs. I lost two people who play an integral part in my life exactly a week from each other. Out of nowhere, I had a severe panic attack for the first time in my life. I always had anxiety, but never a panic attack. During the first panic attack, I thought that I was having a heart attack. That experience was followed by other panic attacks and several trips to the hospital and doctor's office. I was literally in a constant state dizziness, often nauseated and getting unbearable muscle aches and headaches for some medicine that was prescribed to me. The symptoms lasted all month long. I am currently pursuing my Master's in Journalism. March included a midterm and finals week. Both classes were also heavily graded on final papers, presentations and group projects. On top of all of I'm in therapy because of a traumatic experience. I've never been so stressed.

But, I made an A+ in both classes that ended right before my trip to Bermuda. Because of all of the things that was going on, I didn't get to grieve the deaths of my relatives. I'm still trying to get through it. My first trip to Bermuda was the epitome of what I mean when I say "traveling heals me."

Bermuda is very expensive. It's more expensive than Aruba. Both islands import most things. A bag of 6-8 apples cost about $10 in Bermuda and the average restuarant entree cost $20 without a drink.

But, it's so worth it.

The people are so kind and beautiful. And, not just "tourist kind." They are kind to each other.  They have great public transportation (ferry and bus) including taxis. The island is known for it's pink sand beaches and blue skies. You can actually enjoy a private beach to yourself because there are so many small ones along the shore.

Besides healing mentally and emotionally, I am also on a personal quest to look my best physically, and the first step was accepting my body and skin and believing I am enough now. This trip helped me get there. I smile with my teeth showing and put my imperfect beautiful body on the internet.

Here is some of my healing in pictures: