Beautiful Skies in Houston, Texas *Bey-Bay*


I spent about a month hangin’ in Bey’s town.

I have to be really honest, and just get this out of the way. Houston is not what I imagined. I’ve heard so many songs shouting out Houston, and it just didn’t live up to that. The place is really spread out, so it’s hard to figure out where are the hot spots besides touristy places. As far as the social scene goes, it doesn’t live up to the hype--at least not for this trip. But, I still got what I needed from my stay.

I went from a wild trip to New Orleans right to Houston. I wanted to continue the hype, but ended up staying in a quiet place. I needed a reset and that’s what I got by journaling and meditating by the pool. I also enjoyed the good weather and beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL skies. I enjoyed many days looking up at the sky by the pool or on the balcony. The sunrise and sunsets there are unmatched.

I am still grieving family members that passed away in March of this year. My grandmother passed while I was in Houston as well. So, I needed the quiet, slow experience I received in Houston. Here are some other things I enjoyed:

  1. Black Food Truck Festival: The day was filled with live music and a great variety of food including vegan options.

  2. Kulture Restaurant: This a must-see place that is highly recommended. They have live music and great food options. It’s connected to the Minute Maid stadium. The same owner of this restaurant owns The Breakfast Klub (Beyonce ate here!) that people stand in long lines to eat. They offer brunch options. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it this trip.

  3. The Galleria: I acted like a true tourist taking pictures of the Louis V store, Fendi, Chanel. They have all of the high end fashion stores in the mall. I mean every one. It’s a beautiful mall.

  4. The Art: I love how Houston celebrates and embraces art. Art is everywhere. You can find cool murals and even art by children in the airport.

  5. The Club Scene: I was hesitate to list the club scene because I have one major issue. However, I love the music, and having a good time in a place that I don’t have to worry so much about potential danger. However, I didn’t like that police officers not only stand outside each club, but they stand inside the club as well. There are security guards, too. I admit that the police officers also stand outside the bars near the downtown area as well. So, they don’t pick the places they want to police unlike Syracuse. The police in Syracuse breaks up parties all the time hosted by Black people, but don’t keep the same energy downtown where white people mostly party although there are fights every weekend, and has been murders. I also don’t like that you can’t “post up” and be social after the club. Everybody goes home, and there is not music played outside of the cars. It’s the part of Black culture that I love, and it’s just seems to have been policed out of Houston.  I am not sure if that is the same for the bar scene, too. But, it doesn’t sit well with me.

Anyway, I heard Dallas and Austin is where it’s at, so that’s where I’ll be next time I visit Texas.

Note: See my Instagram “Houston” highlights for more videos and pictures.