What I Learned After Visiting “Home” Again

My last visit home ended in a full circle moment.

There is a running joke in my town of Barnwell, South Carolina, that was on a meme I saw once: “you know y’all are really dating when you take them to Walmart.” Y’all because it’s South Cak. And, Walmart because it’s the most interesting place in my town. Well, at least I thought until my last trip there this past August. When I graduated high school in 2006, I could not wait to get out of there. I wanted to be as far away from home as possible. I flew for the first time ever alone to Syracuse University and instantly got homesick as I watched other students with their parents that couldn't wait to leave.

I am ashamed to say that home became a place I would visit only once some years, a couple times one year, and then none for some years. Family has always been important to me and that has strengthen over the years as I gained nieces and nephews. I grew tired of just listening to stories of them saying something funny or cute via my sisters or parents. I grew tired of not being able to just hug my Mommy or my Dad.

Laugh break.

Laugh break.

For years, I made a declaration to the Universe that once I made it, I will not work for the entire month of August. It will just be for traveling and just being free. I guess I made it because that’s what I finally got to do this August. (I spent the other part in New Orleans and Houston.)

I spent the first two weeks with my babies, my parents and my sisters. I enjoyed loving and being annoyed by them. I realized what really made me most happy and most joyful is seeing them and being near them. That why I’m moving South for part of the year. I want to be close to my parents as they get older and see my babies grow up in real time. I am going to buy my first home there that will be kept in the family (generational wealth is the goal). But, I will remain up North--for educational and business purposes. I also like the cold weather. It gets too hot Down South. This last trip home put things in perspective for me. I am more clear on what I want in life, in family and in love. It’s refreshing. I’m also working on three projects (one with my sisters) that I will announce at a later time.

What is home to you? And, why?

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