NOLA, Do you love me?

I had the “Girls Trip” I always wanted.

I fell in love with New Orleans on the first day of my first trip there in 2016. It’s the only place other than Bermuda and Mexico that I plan to visit EVERY year. It is indeed my favorite place on Earth, and it cannot be topped. If Black American culture was a place, it would be New Orleans. The food, the accents, the history...I can go on and on. My sister, best friend and I did a less R rated version of “Girls Trip” movie and stayed for a weekend. We ended up property shopping and found some options. We will be purchasing a home there in the near future. That’s how much we LOVE it.

It’s not lost on me that I romanticize New Orleans. It’s another city like Philly and Atlanta that is predominately Black with a large white police presence. I watched a white male employee (surprised?) in a popular club called The Swamp on Bourbon Street assault 3 different Black men (by pushing them hard out of his way; knocking one on the floor). Black security guards watched his actions and defended him. They even called the police who all stood outside of the club and at one point stood directly in front of one of the guys who was assaulted in a triangle stance with their hands on their guns… ready to shoot? It was so disgusting. I will never step foot in that club again.

Violence, that cannot be mentioned with poverty, is also a major issue. But, the thing that I admire most about New Orleans is how the Black people love and put on for their city. They really are what I enjoy the most. There are activities like the city light bike riding, the Whitney plantation, and the Steamboat ride and eating beignets (yes, this is an activity). The food is, especially at Acme and Oceania’s (where many celebrities frequent) is excellent, but it is the people who survived the devastating Hurricane Katrina, who make New Orleans a place I will always be in love with.

For my next trip, my goal is to interview some business owners for, and tell more in depth stories of the history there. It’s endless. We were supposed to do part two of our “Girls Trip,” but had to push it back to New Year’s. Can’t wait.

Note: Check my Instagram page @Xo.Shavon and see the “NOLA” highlights for more pictures and videos.

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