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I Turned 30 in Mexico City, Mexico

I am a birthday person. I call my birthday: "my new year." I get excited about other people's birthdays, too. So, if you were ever important in my life (even slightly) I still remember your birthday. I plan my birthday months in advance. Making it to 30 is a milestone, so I wanted to do something major. I was planning a family dinner, but then decided almost last minute that I wanted to travel to a place I've never been alone.  A writer I follow on Instagram was sharing her experience in Mexico City.

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Halloween 2017: Paying Homage to Frida Kahlo

I "rediscovered" something about myself: I love Halloween. Halloween was a favorite as a child. The dressing up and going out into the community with the other kids just to say "trick or treat" and be rewarded with candy. My favorite memory includes almost losing all of my favorite lollipops and candy corn running from a madman dressed like the serial killer in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

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I Got My Gumbo in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has been on my wish list for years. So, when my sister next work assignment was there, I booked my tickets to invade her space the following week. The first night we were killing some time by the rooftop pool when we heard a band playing. We ran down to the street and a local high school band all the way down near Bourbon Street. That's what I love about New Orleans.

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Harriet Tubman's Home in Auburn, NY (2016)

H A R R I E T   T U B M A N is my hero.

Last April, I finally visited T H E   H A R R I E T    H O M E  in Auburn, NY.

The tour guide told us stories about Tubman's life from start until her death. (Some facts I didn't know. I don't want to spill here because I strongly suggest you go for yourself.) After that, we went into the nursing home, which she had built for the elderly. We saw photographs of her and her family members, the actual bed she slept in, her bible and everyday household things she used. Her house, which is at the front of the property is still being renovating.

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